Farming and ranching is no longer just a way of life, it is an intense business ever changing. The number of absentee owners/investors with little or no farming/ranching experience continues to grow.

Cumming Realty, LLP is experiences in all aspects of the day to day operations of a working farm or ranch. Contact Us to discuss your particular situation and goals and we can tailor a management program to meet your needs.

At Cumming Realty, LLP we are committed to increasing our client’s enjoyment and profit potential on your farm and/or ranch.

Cumming Realty, LLP management provides:
  • Tenant Selection, Lease Negotiation and Administration
  • Master Planning, Budgeting, Accouning and Consulting
  • Procurement of Crop Inputs, Livestock and Equipment
  • Marketing of Crops and Livestock
  • Farm and Ranch Renovation, Improvement and Maintenance
  • Wildlife, Aquatic, and Recreational Management and Enhancement